It is just past 2am California time

And up and wide awake WAY TOO EARLY my time. Trying not to focus my energy on the fact that I am awake, hungry and in pain. Trying even harder not to think about WHY I am awake and still not feeling like myself. 

Charlotte, Tim and I (he surprised me by taking off early from work - what a guy) went to another doctor’s appointment yesterday for my results from the CT scan. Yes, I can now add CT scan to my list of firsts. Like the ultrasound, all is good (which really is great news). So now I am awaiting the results of my gluten and food allergy blood work and hoping I don’t have to have the nuclear scan of my gallbladder. If nothing shows up allergy wise, then that will be the next step along with a bacteria test (I have to wait 2 weeks for the last antibiotic to leave my system before  I can do this). If all those tests end up negative the final step is to have a scope put down my throat or even up through the other end. Or maybe even both? I can’t remember what the doctor said. Fingers crossed this is all a food allergy. I can deal with that. At least then I will have some answers.

On a happy note. Our little Charlotte will be turning TWO in just 3 days. She is truly the sweetest most amazing girl and has helped me to not only focus on myself. She is the best distraction and I feel so fortunate to be her Mama.

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